BabyRoo Baby Slings – Okotoks, Alberta


Baby Slings: Okotoks, Alberta

BabyRoo Inc. Is a home based family run business since 2005, incorporated in 2009.

I started my business in Grande Prairie where the only carrying devices available were front carriers. I wanted to use a sling because I believe a baby should be held as much as possible but I had a busy fast-paced lifestyle and didnt want to change it. I wanted something that was quick simple yet sophisticated. Comfort was also highly important for me and my baby. I bought a sewing machine and sewed for the first time. After perfecting my technique, pattern and design, I built my business.

Our slings are all homemade by hand. Our target market is Alberta but we have sold nation wide and internationally. I continue my business because of the comments I get from mothers telling me what a difference BabyRoo has made in their lives and I know what a difference it has made in my own parenting journey. Those first precious years go by so quickly and now that my oldest is nearly school aged and no longer wants to be carried, I am so happy I used a sling to hold him while he would still let me. I love being a part of something that helps change peoples lives for the better.

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