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Baby Slings: Okotoks, Alberta

1. How do I know if I have the correct size?

Baby should not hang below hip-level in your BABYROO. If she does, it is too large. Some clues that your BABYROO may be too small are if you can't pull your it down on your shoulder because it is too snug, if baby hangs well above your hip-level, or if you think you need more wiggle room.

2. Will my baby fall out?

If your BABYROO is fitting correctly and if the positions on the instruction page are followed, your baby will not fall out. The first few times you use your BABYROO we suggest that you have help putting it on or that you do so sitting down until you are used to it. Use extra caution the first few times you use your BABYROO until you are certain you are following the instructions correctly.

3. Will it hurt my back?

BABYROO is made of soft and stretchy material so they give a slight stretch when you wear them. This makes the sling comfortable for you and your baby. It is designed so that the weight is distributed evenly across the back and should not cause any strain. You will find that when you carry baby without your sling that your back is strained but not with it. However, if your BABYROO is too large and baby is hanging below your hip this will cause unnecessary back strain. Make sure you are sized properly.

4. My baby seems squished, is that normal?

Remember that the BABYROO is an outside womb and that infants are used to being in a tight and confined space. They will find your sling comfortably familiar and are even known to calm fussy babies when nothing else will. Older babies and toddlers, however may need a few practices before they are used to being held in a sling. However, if your child likes to be held, they will enjoy the comfort and security of the BABYROO. If you are concerned that it is too tight, read FAQ #1. Keep in mind also that the BABYROO is designed to hold your child close to you. If they are not held tightly, they will not be held securely in the pouch and it won't be a hands-free experience as your baby will be able to wiggle all over.

5. I'm afraid my BABYROO is too tight on my baby's legs.

Remember you need to create a deep seat when your baby is sitting on your hip or on your back. Her knees should be above her bum. The weight should not fall on the legs but should be distributed throughout the bum and back.

6. Can I wash it?

You can machine wash and dry your BABYROO on a normal cycle with like colours.

7. Up to what weight or age can I use the sling?

Most children will psychologicaly outgrow the sling before they physically do. It can be used for children up to 50lbs. which will take most children well into childhood.

8. Will I need a larger sling as my baby grows?

The BABYROO is designed to stretch width-ways so as your baby grows it will actually create more room because the bigger she grows the larger the sling will get. It is rare that one needs two slings for the same child.

9. Can I use a sling with my baby if I'm also pregnant?

Always consult a doctor about how much weight you should carry, but with doctors permission, it is common for women to be pregnant and also wear a sling for another baby. However, as mom's belly grows, she may need a larger sling. Therefore, you may want one sling for pregnancy and one for after the new baby is born.

10. I have a front carrier. Why do I need a sling?

There are several reasons that a baby sling is beneficial over a front carrier or a baby backpack. A front carrier is not designed to carry baby in a natural position, a BABYROO carries baby in ways curve with the contours of baby's body. It mimics the womb and mom's arms. In a front carrier, you will notice that baby's arms and legs dangle unnaturally out of the carrier. This is not so with a BABYROO. It is common for baby to be lulled to sleep while moving with the rhythms of the caregiver just has he did while inside the womb. Because of such, a BABYROO is a great bonding tool for parents of adopted babies.

11. Can I breastfeed with the BABYROO?

YES!Breastfeeding is easy and covenant.It can be done in the hip carry, tummy to tummy and cradle and legs out cradle and seated cradle positions. Just adjust the sling or the baby so that baby is in line with the breast. You will have newfound freedom, breastfeeding while still having the ability to shop, clean or run after other children. It's fantastic when a child is teething or going through a growth spurt and eats for long periods of time.

12. My baby is fussy when I put her in the BABYROO.

Babies can sense when those who are holding them are uncomfortable or nervous. Just as when you let a family member hold your baby who is nervous and your baby cries, your baby can sense if you are uncomfortable in you BABYROO. Place baby in the BABYROO and walk about or sway as you would if you were holding him in your arms. Take deep breaths and find your comfort zone. Your baby will settle. I've seen it 100 times. If your baby cries as soon as you put her in it's not necessarily indicative that she doesn't like it, but she responds to those around her. You also need to make sure that none of his limbs are twisted or caught and that the sling isn't too tight or too large (see FAQ #1). Also remember that there are several ways to hold your baby in the BABYROO. My first son preferred the tummy to tummy hold most and my second the cradle hold. Baby will tell you what he likes best.

13. I think my BABYROO is too small.

If you think it is too small it may be, but most people who are not used to wearing slings have this misconception. Remember that the sling stretches width-ways. Go through this troubleshooting checklist:

  • Is baby in the pouch of the sling? This is the largest portion of the BABYROO and is designed to hold the baby.
  • Am I able to pull the sling down on my shoulder comfortably?
  • Is my baby hanging just at or above my hip?
  • Is my baby comfortable?

If you can answer yes to all of these it is probably the right size.

14. I think my BABYROO is too large.

If you think it is too large it probably is. Your baby should not hang below hip-level when in the sling. It should fit like a t-shirt. If your baby seems like he may fall out or if you have to hold on to him all the time it is probably too large.

15. Will my BABYROO be too hot?

If you are concerned with your BABYROO being too hot, choose a lighter colour. However, BABYROO slings are made of Chenille which gives the same stretch and softness as fleece but is much thinner and less hot. Babyroo is designed to have the least amount of fabric possible to hold your baby securely and comfortably. I personally have taken their BABYROO on vacation to tropical destinations and wouldn't travel without it. In the past I have made my slings with cotton and my customers over and over again prefer the softness and slight stretch of the chenille which is why we work almost exclusively with this material.

16. Will my BABYROO stretch out over time?

There will be minimal stretch. It does not stretch around your body but the pouch stretches with the weight of the child. My sling which I have used for 4 years through 2 children has stretched between a half inch to an inch over the years and wont stretch more than that.

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