BabyRoo Baby Slings – Okotoks, Alberta


Baby Slings: Okotoks, Alberta

I love the closeness I have with myson when I wear him in my BABYROO. As we go about our day I know he's benefiting from our face to face conversations and general silliness."

~Amanda Kennedy, Grande Prairie, AB

This sling saved my sanity! My daughter had very bad colic for the first 3 months. The only thing that brought her(and me) relief was carrying her in the sling. With her knees up to her belly, she could finally relax her sore tummy. Now that she is older, this is a lifesaver, especially going from the car to a store! I can pop her in the sling and walk with my 2 year old. No strollers, no carts. I LOVE this sling & couldn't parent without it!"

~Carol Thompson: Okotoks, AB

I am amazed at how much time my Babyroo has saved me in terms of not having to fold and unfold a bulky stroller and mess with all the straps, clips and fasteners on baby carriers. Its fast, easy and I can stuff it in my diaper bag. I will never go back!

~Rachael Hoffman; Chicago, IL

"I love holding my daughter in her BabyRoo. I'm a working mom with lots on my plate and carrying her in the sling is my way of staying attached and savouring those precious moments together."

Melissa Acosta, Edgerton, IN

"I love my BabyRoo! I get complements on it everywhere I go. I'm a fashionista and don't want my sling to clash with my outfits. BabyRoos simple colors and design blend into my wardrobe so I can still be a mom and be fashionable."

Lori Dunbar, Red Deer AB

"I've never found a sling that has provides the softness that I have with BabyRoo. My baby is now a toddler and uses his BabyRoo to cuddle up with for naps and bedtime. We don't go anywhere without it."

Marie Harvey, Paris, France

Thank you so much for the sling! I had done a ton of research on slings and wraps while waiting for adopted daughter to come home. In October 2009, we flew to Haiti to pick her up at the age of 34 months, and she weighed about 32 pounds at that point. I am so thankful that I took my sling with me to pick our daughter up! We wore it every day while in Haiti, while we were shopping, going for a walk and most conveniently, through the airport! It made both us more comfortable knowing we were 'stuck' together in crowded places.

Once we came home, wearing the sling became a daily thing. It settled her when she was fussy and crying and warmed her little body as she adjusted to our cold weather.

I cannot rave enough at how this sling has promoted our attachment and bonding! Many many times, she went to sleep in the sling as she immediately felt close and secure once on my hip. She still at 4 years of age, occasionally brings the sling to me and asks to go in. She instantly feels more settled and always seems more secure after a sling session! And, I love that this sling is so easy to use, no knots to tie and no straps to worry about. It also washes amazingly well!

Thank you, thank you! I recommend this product to all parents, and for adoptive parents, I dont think you should live without it!

Callie, Okotoks, AB

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